– 4 Thousand Islands Away

For many Laotians there is only one river, the Mekong. as in all great civilizations the river connects them, makes them a community almost stronger than the nature that surrounds them; they managed to tame its currents, to channel its waters into the rice fields, to be able to cultivate those natural islands that were created in the centuries that dot this huge ocean of theirs.

Their sea is the only true highway that crosses Laos from North to South. In the middle of its course, on the southern border with Cambodia, a small delta opens up with a thousand small and large islands. One of these Don Det is known as a tourist destination for travelers who want to be lulled by the blues rhythm of its sunsets, but others perhaps less traveled by tourism hide lunar landscapes cut out among the rice fields.

Don Khong is one of these, among the islands in the Laotian «delta» of the Mekong is the largest, tourism has never made its appearance like neighboring Don Det, it is wild, austere but with a completely different rhythm. The tranquility of its inhabitants, the small huts scattered within the island and the Buddhist temples that stand out with their golden domes to the sky visible from a distance would reassure anyone.

The balance with which they dedicate themselves to a simple but at the same time serene life, without too many desires, in their sandals, umbrellas and bicycles move from island to island .. they leave room for cooperation, to feel united. A spiritual force dictated by dogmas but which is perfectly reflected in these serene, calm people, like the flowing of the river at sunset.


These photos form part of «Laos River Blues» a series of portfolios dedicated to Laos and its rivers.

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Fujifilm Xt1 , 35mm – f1.4 & 18mm – f2.0mm