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2006 marked a new era in Bolivian history. For the first time, an aymaran origin leader constitutionally assumed the country’s Presidency. Throughout this year, President Evo Morales Ayma emitted policies to reform the State and recover the control of Bolivia’s natural resources. The process of changing the Bolivian political Constitution started with the creation of a Constituent Assembly and an autonomic referendum, parallel processes that until today, are still redefining the country’s new political – administrative configuration.


During this time I was in Bolivia, I stayed in the South American country for more than 4 months, visiting some places in the «Corazon de America». In these photos Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the central market and some photos of the settlement on the ninth ring, the small village of Sagrado Corazon during the festival of the virgin of Urkupiña, a small village during the market day on the shore of Lake Titicaca and the capital of La Paz a few days before the miners’ march that paralyzed the country before the general election.


Canon A1 – 50mm