Confectionary in Limewash

«As a result of countless annual applications of whitewash,Greek Island villages are transformed into a kind of architectural confectionary,paint appears almost translucent under the sparkling Aegean sunlight. Limewash is used on walls , roofs, steps and street paving and is relieved only by distinctive emerald greens and turquoise blue-greens of oil based paintwork applied to protect the woodwork of doors, frames, balustrades.»

From the Book «Architectural Color», Tom Porter, 1982.


Living in a small corner of the world you find the mental tranquility to concentrate without being attacked by what surrounds us. Having the intuition and not waiting for events to assault us. Choose and be quick in action. We are in the era where the world changes every 15 days.


Paros, Aegean Sea, Greece ,  October 2020


Fujifilm xT1 –  35mm, f.1.4