Kapadokya Tatooine

Cappadocia rises between Asia Minor and Mesopotamia, where the Euphrates River flows. This location has determined its history: for centuries, in fact, it has been a crossroads of trade routes, but also a destination for invasions and conquests. Cappadocia, in fact, has been influenced, politically and culturally, by Assyrians, Hittites, Persians, Hellenes, Romans, Christians.

The fairy chimneys, whose suggestive name already tells what the legend says, are rocky reliefs that usually have the shape of a prism surmounted by a cone. Also called earth pyramids, they almost seem like a flow of soft and friable material (they are made of tuff, silt or volcanic rock) from the sky. The fairy chimneys in Cappadocia are, in fact, of volcanic origin. And they represent an unparalleled spectacle: they stretch majestically on this plateau and capture eyes and heart.
But why are these earth pyramids named «fairy chimneys» in Cappadocia? The reason is related to what the legend says. Popular belief in fact wants these soaring formations to be the chimneys, which is why the chimneys, the houses built by fairies and other fairytale creatures.

A legend that finds justification in an easily drillable rock, which allowed fairies to build fantastic shelters here, but also to human beings to make us ideal homes for families