Laos River Blues – Muang Ngoi

A trip to an extraordinary country told by its rivers. From the north to the south of the country following the current, discovering the small villages that hide its banks and the immense peace and tranquility that emanate.  

A photographic journey through a country left on the margins of the conflicts that have surrounded it, creating an autarchic, isolationist and completely pure soul. inert but with the spiritual strength to always start again.


The river flows unraveling among the mountains that come ever closer to the river bed. For now, nature still commands the movements of the inhabitants of the small villages scattered along the course of the Nam Ou river. Water buffaloes and some elders watch the small spear advancing between the bubbling water mills and the sound of birds that mark the small silences between one accellarata and the other of the small boat.The village has a perfect location, a mountain overlooks the main road, the curve of the river in the distance idealizes a world outside of this small society that has been created and expanded thanks to its ability to adapt to everything, including tourism. 

In addition to the river, the valleys within walking distance between temples and lagoons, rice fields and flowers are small jewels of micro-society where collaboration is fundamental for the survival of the whole community. They help and divide the number of tourists who land almost daily while smiling and peacefully watch the time go by.

The sunset and sunrise and still the rhythm of nature that is not yet completely upset by chainsaws, motorcycles. Perhaps by now they have noticed that the farang are everywhere, with their absurd requests but for now they are not complaining. They help us and respect our world. The sun slowly sets behind the mountains and filters the sun from the trees. The last boats that descend and rise from the river draw on the water with their reflections. Here time has a concept of gift and the Laotians have assimilated it perfectly.


In this first portfolio from the Vietnamese border, crossing the Nam Ou river on a small spear, we reach the small village of Muang Ngoy.

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Fujifilm Xt1 – 35mm,f1.4 & 18mm F2.0