Matriarchal Market

Weavers, breeders, mothers, cooks, vendors, curanderas, girls in love or looking for a husband. Dong Van’s market is woman, energy is calm, smiling, explosive. The colors illuminate the morning air, although the climate is not the best but from the surrounding mountains, from the various villages, they all came down to live the weekly market.

The moment of socializing, where the couples of friends parade and compete with those who attract the eyes of the boys standing in a corner to observe or eat a hot soup after the walk. The girls recover fabrics and then sew the dress of their dreams at home, the older, smiling women look at you, scrutinize your soul and try to heal it with stones, spices, ashes, skins and herbs found in the woods. Breathing this atmosphere takes you back to another era, where everything was simple, on a human scale; being able to live it was a journey into a distant time told by our grandparents. A treasure to be jealously guarded like a precious fabric or a smile stolen on market day.


Fujifilm XT1 , 35mm F1.4