Pampallana Diaries

In Argentina in those years the society has been disintegrated, absorbed by a neo-liberal policy that led to the abyss of the country and began the looting organized by the strong economies of raw materials of which the country was the world’s leading exporter.
In the streets, the theme «El Pueblo No Se Va» resounded in the streets of Cordoba and Buenos Aires.
In that moment of chaos the schools were those places of «social container» that kept the less fortunate classes afloat.

The school was the propeller that triggered this radical change in an ancestral and inca society like that of Pampallana, far from the demonstrations but ready to claim the property of those lands.
Gabriel Tomas de la Torre, support and supported an educational project with a realistic local vision and an openness to the outside world through study and knowledge, highlighting the «Diaguita Calchaquí» culture – with school days dedicated to orientation of craft work especially related to textile production, the basis of the economy of this Andean village.I met this reality in 2004.

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Shoot on CANON A1 on film , February 2005